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160 years of accordions made in Germany

160 years of accordions made in Germany

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Musical development often goes along with specific geographical conditions which turn out to be very formative. This also applies to the region of Klingenthal, Germany, that is famous and appreciated all over the world for being a kind of „musical corner“. Not only because of the predominant folklore in that area but also due to the fact that in the year 1829 a mouth organ reached Klingenthal, the production of both mouth organs and later also accordions had been started up there.

  • In 1852 the foundation of an economically auspicious accordion manufacture had been established and in the following years it steadily expanded.

  • In 1929 the Rauner-Seydel-Böhm A.G. was founded – a company that sold 90 % of it's products abroad.

  • From the end of World War 2 till the German reunification the production was taken over by the newly founded factory VEB Klingenthaler Harmonikawerke.

  • In line with the redeployment of the company in the incipient 1990s the Harmonikawerke changed their name into Harmona Akkordeon GmbH.

Since then the production of instruments that are pulled by hand – accordions and harmonicas – has got a long tradition. Particularly in Klingenthal and Zwota accordions and harmonicas are manufactured for over 160 years now.

Accordion music fulfills the people's basic need for care and emotional attention. It allows identification with the social group as well as with one's self and it is an expression for necessities like home and cultural affiliation. Playing and listening to accordion music can be a part of one's quality of life where it unfolds it's meaning every day anew.

Being just „home music“ in earlier times the accordion underwent a change. During the last 40 years accordion music turned into a central component of band and orchestra music. Whether it is jazz, folk, classical music, or rock and pop in general – the accordion and it's music have reached all that long ago!

Now there are many other places of accordion manufacturing all over the world.

  • In 1852 started the accordion manufacturing in Klingenthal.

  • So Matthias Hohner, a skilled clockmaker from Trossingen, Germany, began to build mouth organs in 1857.

  • Thanks to Paolo Soprani since 1863 accordions are also produced in Castelfidardo, Italy.

  • In 1870 in Tula, Russia, the production of the Russian harmonicas and Bajan instruments started

  • Round 1880 the first factories in Graslitz, Bohemia, were founded.

  • Josef Kebrdle from Hořovice (former Czechoslovakia) set up an accordion and mouth organ manufacture in 1920. After it had been socialized in 1948 the name of the factory was changed into DELICIA.

  • Even in Japan (from 1930 on)

  • and China (from 1970 on) the accordion fabrication has been promoted.

However quality and sound generation differ a lot.



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